The Words Are In My Soul

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The Words Are In My Soul | Spring 2017 issue is now available for purchase!

This edition features eleven authors and twenty pieces, ranging over many topics. You can find them at most ebook retailers, and you can order print copies from a few of your favorite sites, including Amazon! A portion of every purchase goes directly to charity.


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Submission Status: Closed

Submissions are closed for the Spring 2018 issue. Stay tuned for the next submission period.

The Words Are In My Soul is a semi-annual literary magazine intended to promote art in the
church and the authors themselves who come from all walks of life. Submissions are open to anyone
who wishes to contribute and are welcome on any topic. It will accept short
stories (including creative nonfiction) and poems. All authors will be paid per issue sold, until a
year after publication, after which proceeds will go to a cause chosen for the issue.

Important Note:

Due to the high workload associated with the journal and time commitments to personal projects, we will unfortunately be pushing the Fall 2017 issue back to Spring of 2018. We will keep submissions open in the interim, and all currently submitted works will be kept for the Spring issue. In efforts to do our best with this journal, we want to dedicate the right amount of time to it so it’s done properly. Please bear with us as we navigate the complicated world of publishing!

Timeline for Spring 2018 Issue:

  • April 17, 2017 – Submissions open.
  • October 1, 2017 – Submissions close.

General Guidelines:

  • Though this is sponsored by a church, we are incredibly passionate about this being open to submissions that don’t directly/indirectly have to do with Christianity. This could include real topics about real issues we as a people face, but they shouldn’t conflict with main pillars of the faith.
  • In this same vein, we ask that you not submit anything with graphic sex or violence—think PG-13 and below.
  • Word count limit is 5,000. Works longer than this will be disqualified.
  • You are welcome to submit as many times as you like, but the final number of allowed entries per person will be determined by the total number of submissions received.
  • Works may be previously published, but only if the author holds all rights. The author is responsible for all legal issues regarding rights, should they arise.


  • We are also looking for art to use on the cover and the title page! These can be photographs, sketches, or paintings of any kind, but it must follow the above guidelines and be original work. It must be in the final format when you submit.
  • Cover art should be 1600×2400 pixels in size.
  • Title page art should be 480×360 pixels in size.

Are you interested in joining this creative movement?

If you have questions, please email Do not submit pieces to this email.
Works sent to the email will be deleted. To submit, please use the form below.