Welcome to the Table

Who We Are

The Vision

Bring God’s SHALOM to the city of Houston and campus of University of Houston.

The Mission

Working toward SHALOM in the city through hospitality, serving the marginalized, working toward common good, and restoring individuals to God’s design.

The Table Illustration

Our ideology can be summed up with this illustration:

Legs = The Individual
Table Top = The Community
Cups = Compassion + Causes

The Legs

The legs that give foundation to the table mirror what we believe an individual following Jesus should look like:


This person is living into the SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES (i.e. fasting, meditation, studying the Word) in such a way to have an on-going transformational experience with Jesus.
This person is also seeking SHALOM or WHOLENESS with God, within themselves, and within relationships they have.


This person is taking on THE MIND OF CHRIST which is described in Philippians 2:1-11 as being a humble and obedient servant.


This person is living a life of PRAYER AND WORSHIP both individually and corporately.

The Table Top

The top of the table represents COMMUNITY because the CHURCH is a gathering together of the individuals who are living into the elements described above. This type of community makes a safe surface for us to put other items on top of. Community involves deep commitment to one another – in a simple way, we demonstrate this by making time for one another by breaking bread (having meals together), which we practice at our Sunday Gathering, Small Groups, and Houses of Peace.


Community also involves vulnerability, serving, and active listening. The illustration shows two cups on the table top signifying our belief that meeting together over something like coffee or tea is meaningful and important. Nothing beats face to face interaction – we call this discipleship. Healthy community involves one-on-one, small groups, and large group gatherings.

Small Groups

The Cups

The two coffee cups demonstrate what our church produces and also consumes – COMPASSION and CAUSES.


We think of COMPASSION as “the gospel to…” and CAUSES as “the gospel through…”. Thus, we express Compassion in terms of the poor, marginalized, and sick.


The Causes are:

Houses of Peace being focused on reaching their neighborhoods

City Missionaries (people we sponsor to serve in pre-existing outreach organizations) bringing wholeness to their city-sectors

Individuals and groups working through partnerships with ministries and social systems in the Third Ward, Fifth Ward, East End, and at the University of Houston

People in the church serving others in the church through cooking, helping with The Service, hanging out with the kids, etc.

We are a Community of

Causes | Compassion